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Humidity Calibration Capability

Accurate Instrument has purchased a Thunder Scientific Model 2500 Benchtop Humidity Generator. This self-contained system can produce atmospheres of known humidities using the fundamental, NIST-proven, “two-pressure” principle. Model 2500 Benchtop/Mobile “Two-Pressure” Humidity Generator FEATURES ± 0.5 %RH Uncertainty * Traceable to NIST Self Contained and Mobile Automated Control of User Setpoints 2500 ControLogTM Automation Software

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Accurate Instrument Repair has replacement modules for Fowler digital calipers.

Accurate Instrument Repair Inc. F.V. Fowler Tools West Coast Authorized warrany repair center has replacement modules for F.V. Fowler heavy duty digital calipers 54-100-312, 54-100-024, 54-100-042. These are complete units ( PCB, LCD, keypad, battery cover) ready to install. We can install one for you or you can do it yourself. Contact a service technician

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Temperature Calibration

Accurate Instrument has full temperature calibration capability. Temperature calibration in the range of: -300°F to 2450°F thermocouple (thermo-electric simulation) -100°F to 2200°F physical generation & measure With accuracies up to 0.001°C. Temperature calibrations include: RTD Probes and Calibrators Thermocouple Thermometers Thermocouple Probes (all types) Liquid in Glass Thermometers Digital Thermometers Dial Thermometers Dry Block Calibrators

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Accurate Instrument now calibrates Pipettes

Accurate Instrument now offers Pipette Calibration and other Volumetric Calibrations: -All Major manufacturers -Single and Multi-Channel

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Accurate Instrument Repair calibrates all makes and types of force measuring equipment.

We repair and calibrate all makes and types of force measuring equipment from 0 to 500 lbf  with the Morehouse dead weight primary standard force machine. The Moorehouse 0-500lbf. primary dead weight force calibrator features unmatched accuracy an exclusive movable stage beam that allows for both tension and compression calibrations of • Load Cells •

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Southern California’s experts in Torque Wrench Calibration and Repair

Accurate Instrument Repair is Orange County’s full service torque calibration and repair provider, including the following:   Torque Wrenches   Torque Screwdrivers   Torque Watches   Torque Analyzers   Torque Multipliers   Torque Calibrators   Pneumatic Torque Tools   Power Torque Tools We have been servicing Southern California’s aerospace, automotive and medical device manufacturers for over 30 years, and provide reliable calibration

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Accurate Instrument Repair calibrates all makes and models of pressure gauges and transducers from vacuum up to 30,000psi.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible calibration and repair services on your pressure measuring devices. We have extensive experience in the repair and calibration of all makes and models of pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and transducers. we also have a third party accreditation in the discipline of pressure to ISO/IEC

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Accurate Instrument Repair can calibrate inch size gage blocks from .005” to 20” in steel, carbide, ceramic and chrome/steel and we are accredited to ISO 17025 and ANSI Z 540 through “LAB” (Laboratory Accreditation Bureau).

We have been providing calibration and repair services to many of Southern California’s major aerospace, medical device and military divisions making us leaders in the calibration of dimensional primary standards and known throughout the industry for our integrity and impeccable customer service. Here, at Accurate Instrument Repair, we utilize the Mahr Federal 130b-16 and 130b-24

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At Accurate Instrument Repair, we are experts in the calibration of cylindrical ring gages and are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540

We have over 30 years experience in the calibration of precision cylindrical ring gages. We first began calibrating precision ring gages with the original Pratt & Whitney Ring and Disk comparators back in 1982. Now, we use state of the art Pratt & Whitney Labmaster Universals. This is a direct measuring system that is laser

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Accurate Instrument Repair Inc. Authorized Repair and Calibration Service center for Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite and TESA Tesa-Hite height gages.

We are the southern California Hexagon Brown & Sharpe factory trained and authorized repair center for Tesa-Hite and Micro-Hite gages. We are also an ISO 17025:2005 accredited calibration Laboratory for all sizes and manufacturers of precision height gages. Accurate Instrument can repair your Swiss Micro or Tesa Hite with OEM supplied parts and linearizee the

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