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Cable Tensiometer Calibration

Located in southern California our force and torque laboratory calibrates and repairs cable tensiometers from manufactures like OPTI Manufacturing and Pacific Scientific T5 series, up to 300 pounds with cable diameters from 1/16” to 3/8”.
Aircraft cables are critical components used for structural integrity and in some cases life lines when electrical system malfunctions occur. We know just how important it is to obtain the correct readings on your tensiometers and are committed to providing you with accurate data.
A large part of the equation is the cable you are measuring with your tensiometer. Not all cables are the same. Some have special nitrate coatings or may be jacketed. The same cable size from different OEM’s may vary in size, hardness and strands. We measure the cables size in accordance to MIL-W-83420 to maintain that they are within the standard limits. With these results we calibrate the tensiometer to the Air Force calibration procedure T.O.33K6-4-2153-1.
Tensiometer calibrations include disassembly ultrasonic cleaning, oil and grease moving parts and adjusting the movement to be within the standards specified limits. Each instrument is supplied with a calibration card and label as specified in T.O.33K6-4-2153-1.

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